what is the gamut mag?

we’re an independent online publication showcasing the range of queer/LGBTQIA2+ experience.

why ‘gamut’?

we believe each of you is a gamut: a subset within the wider array of colours/experiences which is itself a colourful array. you’re not a colour block – you’re a kaleidoscope of experience and queerness.

each issue, too, is a gamut. we’ll showcase in colour-segmented issues a collection of varying hues under the seemingly same colour/experience across a variety of people. no two queer people are the same. neither are their experiences of attraction, gender, even colour. and neither is their art.

what can i expect?

we’ll produce a finite series. each issue will be dedicated to one colour (blue, pink) with each work responding to, mentioning, or calling to that colour or a specific hue (e.g. blue: oceanic, sky, night sky). each issue aspires to show a gamut of its colour – a range of experience and interpretation. femmes and transmascs may have different histories with and approaches to the colour pink; two transmascs might also have completely different stories. that’s what we want people to know!

our issues will include writing and art. all issues will be digital and free to read – but with enough funds we also hope to bring this series into print!

we’re also planning to run free online workshops that encourage people to produce work they could submit to each issue.

i want to get involved!

that’s great! we’ve announced our first call for submissions for an issue on the colour white – want to be a contributor? take a look at our submission guidelines before we open for submissions on 1st january.

a tesselated background from the central white into darker greys.

want more information? chat to our founder jesse smith either via our contact form, by email (thegamutmag@gmail.com), or find us on social media (@thegamutmag).