issue 2: pink, out now!

Submissions for issue 2: pink CLOSED.

  1. Queer/LGBTQIA2+ creatives
  2. Any art or writing on the colour pink
  3. Up to three pieces, prose under 4,000 words
  4. Include a third-person bio
  5. Send work to

Is it hot in here? For issue 2 we’re looking for all things pink! With Guest Editor Arden Hunter.

Give us hot pink hair, pursing lips, pastel sneakers. Give us your midnight blushes.

Put on your lipstick and give us you. Show us masc, show us femme. Be bold, be brave.

Give us your odes to Lil Nas X. Give us Detransition Baby. Give us Soho.

Confront pinkwashing. Break down toxic masculinity.

Submissions are now CLOSED. Responses are coming soon.

Submission Guidelines

  • Queer/LGBTQIA2+ creatives only.
  • Work relates to the titular colour: mentions it, mentions something that mentions it, metaphorises it, invokes it, or just gives off its vibe. Don’t self-reject – if something tells you it fits this colour, give it a go!
  • Ratings are PG-13 for art and R for writing. Include content/trigger warnings in the body of the email or document. No abusive fantasies or sexual violence.
  • Simultaneous submissions and previously published work are okay!
  • Send up to three pieces. Feel free to cross genres or stick to one (e.g. three poems, or one flash, one poem, and one piece of art).


Send up to three poems. If you have specific formatting you’d like us to keep, send us a PDF or PNG/JPG so it gets to us okay.


We’re open to flash fiction, short stories, creative non-fiction, essays, personal essays etc. Send up to three pieces under 4,000 words (or just above).

visual art

We’re open to artwork, illustrations, photography, etc. Send up to three pieces, each up to a full page of A4. feel free to send them in low-res, we’ll ask for the high-res on acceptance.

We’ll include alt text when published, so you can either write your own or approve one we write.


Including videos, songs, or any other form of media will be a learning curve, but feel free to send up to three pieces, in any format.

We’ll include alt text when published, so you can either write your own or approve one we write.

How to Submit

Submit by 31st May 2022.

We don’t mind how your work gets to us! If you want some guidance:

  • Send work to with the subject line pink sub and your genre(s).
  • Send your work as attachments: Word docs, PDFs, whatever feels best. If you have any formatting requests for the final product, anything that won’t transfer across fonts or font sizes etc., let us know now (That said, go nuts! Use pink text or a pink background!)
  • Include a third-person bio; examples are on our masthead. Possible things to include: name, pronouns, what you do or specialise in, previous or forthcoming publications, website or social media handles.

You can address the email to a) the gamut mag, b) our guest editor (Arden Hunter), or c) the specific readers/editors for your genre(s). Make sure you check our masthead for names and pronouns; misgendering will result in us asking you to resubmit, and may result in rejection.

Publication Rights

We ask for first publication rights, after which all rights revert back to you. We’d also like to quote your work across our social media. If it’s published elsewhere later (congrats!) please credit ‘the gamut mag’ as its first publication. If you publish anything in the future, let us know! We’re excited to see where else you go and happy to promote your work.

If your work has already been published elsewhere, please still send it! We then ask for exclusive reprint rights. Just let us know its first place of publication so we can properly credit it.

Our Values

the gamut mag is a space for queer/LGBTQIA2+ writers and artists whether or not they speak to queerness in the work they submit to us. Please do submit to us if you identify with any microlabel, or you worry you’re ‘not queer enough’ – you are! You’re a crucial part of what we want to highlight.

Due to your marginalised and underrepresented nature both in the art/literary world and mainstream queer narratives, we especially hope we can provide another platform for Black, Brown, and Indigenous queer creatives across the board – but please note that many of our team are white, so it’s okay if you don’t feel we are the right place for you. Within that and beyond: trans, nonbinary, intersex, two spirit; ace, aro, and anything in between; disabled, neurodivergent; and any other marginalised identity or experience.

the gamut mag has a firm stance against bigotry. We denounce and will not platform any form of hate, including racism, sexism, antisemitism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. as well as exclusionary stances against bi, ace, aro, etc. people in the queer community. We reserve the right to remove the work of a contributor who engages in such behaviour online or offline.