Arden Hunter
guest editor – issue 2: pink

Arden Hunter is an ND aroace agender writer, artist and performer. They have words, audio and art hosted with Full House Literary, Fifth Wheel Press, Selcouth Station, Streetcake Magazine and Kissing Dynamite among other places. Arden has had two books (so far) published in 2022: ‘Pull Yourself Together,’ through Alien Buddha Press and ‘Drifting Bottles,’ through Gutslut Press. They also write a monthly craft column about hybrid work for jmww journal. Arden runs a free online writing workshop every Saturday for poets and storytellers and anyone is welcome to join. Find them on Twitter @hunterarden, Instagram @thegardenofarden and at

jesse smith
founder/poetry reader

jesse smith (they/he) is a queer poet and reviewer from the uk, with a BA English Literature with Creative Writing and MA Creative Writing: Poetry from the University of East Anglia. their poems and reviews are published or forthcoming with Stone of Madness, Delicate Friend, Eggbox Publishing, UEA New Writing, Public Menace, honeyfire lit, Gutslut Press, and just femme & dandy. find them on Twitter and Instagram @jessesmithpoet.

kiera summer
poetry reader

Kiera Summer is a writer of poetry and prose with a BA in French and Arabic from Cambridge University and MA in Poetry from the University of East Anglia. She is currently writing to explore attachment, addiction, and intergenerational temporality, including a pamphlet: Notes on the Possibility of Drowning and a novel: The Therapeutic Value of Ecstasy (Contact High).

luz rosales
prose reader (flash, fiction)

Luz Rosales (they/them) is a Mexican-American fiction writer and college student from Los Angeles. Their work has been published in Strange Horizons, X-R-A-Y, Black Telephone Magazine, and Cotton Xenomorph. They are an anthology editor for Lupercalia Press and a prose reader for Farside Review. they can be found on Twitter @TERRORCORES.

emily carlson
prose reader (fiction, nonfiction)

Emily Carlson (she/her) is a queer writer, reader, and lover of monsters. Emily has most recently had work published with or forthcoming from Provenance Journal, Black Hare Press, With Confetti, and Final Girl Bulletin Board. Emily can be found on Twitter at @emiacarlson or by saying her name three times while looking in a mirror.

c.h. brooks
prose reader (nonfiction)
/art editor

C.H. Brooks (she/her) is a writer, editor, artist, and two-time college drop out. Her previous work can be found in Touchstones, where she also served as Managing and Art Editor. She can be found on Instagram @courtons.

chris talbot-heindl
art editor

Chris Talbot-Heindl (they/them) is a queer, trans nonbinary, triracial (white, Japanese, and Indigenous) creator working through the complexity of identity through art. They are the co-creator and editor of The B’K and All My Relations and creator of the Chrissplains Nonbinary Advocacy to Cisgender People educomic and The Story of Them, a serial graphic novel about what it’s like to live as a nonbinary individual in a gender binary world. Find them on Twitter and Instagram: @talbot_heindl or at

previous guest editors:

[sarah] cavar
mentor/guest editor – issue 1: white

[sarah] Cavar is a PhD student, writer, and critically Mad transgender-about-town, and serves as Managing Editor at Stone of Madness Press and founding editor of swallow:tale press. Author of four chapbooks, A HOLE WALKED IN (Sword & Kettle Press), THE DREAM JOURNALS (giallo lit), and OUT OF MIND & INTO BODY (Ethel Press, forthcoming 2022), and BUGBUTTER (Headmistress Press, forthcoming 2022) they have also had work in Bitch Magazine, Electric Literature, The Offing, and elsewhere. Cavar lives online at and tweets @cavarsarah.