join our team!

want to help the gamut mag deliver its series of colour-segmented issues to showcase the variety and diversity of queer/LGBTQIA+ lives?

that’s great! so far, it’s just our lone founder, and they’d really like some help bringing this project to life. as they’re poetry-heavy, we’ll only be able to include prose and art if we get the editors – so do consider us!

disclaimer: currently, these are unpaid volunteer roles. but we hope to soon secure funding to pay everyone who ever takes part.

a key thing we want to showcase, in the range of queerness and experience, is how queerness very much lives outside the generic abled white person. our white brit founder is dedicated to ensuring this space not only highlights the diversity that already exists in LGBTQIA+ creatives and those working in publishing, but that it treats you properly and respectfully and however you need. whilst we’re prioritising LGBTQIA+ applicants across the board, we’re dedicated to equality in diversity and accessibility, so we absolutely encourage applications from those who are underrepresented, from minority groups, or face barriers in publishing or such creative work.

to apply, send us an email to with the subject line [chosen role] application, tell us your name and pronouns, and send whatever your chosen role has asked for. feel free to include links to any websites or social media, Google Docs or Drives, or attachments. don’t worry about an extensive cover letter! a paragraph or so should be fine. we’re hoping to secure the team by the end of October, so get applying!

graphic designer

you’ll be in charge of our logo, Twitter banner, and other visual content for our website and social media. you’ll also get to design the covers of our issues and hopefully the pages throughout. if you only want to do a portion of that work, that’s okay! we’re also happy to facilitate you taking on challenges.

being a colour-heavy project, you’ll have quite the important task! we’re hoping to match our logo and other visuals to each upcoming issue – if you’re up for it!

to apply: send or link us to an example or so of your work, and tell us a bit about yourself! we’re not requiring any fancy qualifications – this could be a good foot-in-the-door for practical experience!

web designer

want to fix up our website, or make a new one? we’re happy to hand you the reins either as a one-time thing or consistently. if you’re interested in a longer-term role: we’re hoping to match its colour scheme (and other visuals) to each upcoming issue, and embed the issues into our website.

to apply: if possible, send or link us to an example or your work, and/or tell us a bit about yourself! we’re not requiring any fancy qualifications – this could be a good foot-in-the-door for practical experience!


you’ll be part of choosing what we platform! feel free to pitch any and all types you’d love to look over, from poems to songs to fashion. but here’s an initial idea:

  • poetry
  • prose (fiction: flash, short stories)
  • prose (nonfiction: creative nonfiction, personal essays)
  • visual art (illustrations, photography)

we’ll only be able to platform prose and visual art (and anything else) if we get the editor(s) – so do consider it!

to apply: tell us about yourself, what genre(s) you’d like to consider for us, and a piece or two that you’ve liked and why. editing/reading experience isn’t required for this role, but tell us about it if you have it!

internal team

these aren’t set-in-stone yet, but as our founder isn’t experienced in the running of a mag or the tech of publication, we’d really appreciate anyone who wants to help with: admin, tech, comms, workshops, print, or the general discussion of what we’re all about. if there’s something you’d like to do, pitch us!

any questions, or anything you want to discuss? fill out the contact form below or email jesse at